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Talisman Desktop

  $25 US

(see also multiuser prices)

Talisman Desktop
OEM license


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Alteros3D + Talisman Desktop



$35 US

 * site license  -  unlimited number of installations for a single organization. Site licenses cover a single organization or office for an area of up to one mile (1.6 km) in radius.


Lighttek CDROM
(all products)


  $45 US


Alteros 3D 


  $29.95 US



Multiuser license prices for Talisman Desktop:

Talisman Desktop
  1  license
  2-9        licenses 
  10-49    licenses 
  50-99    licenses 
  100-299 licenses
  300-499 licenses
  500+     licenses
  $25.00 USD
  $20.00 USD Each
  $15.00 USD Each
  $10.00 USD Each
  $8.00 USD Each
  $6.00 USD Each
  $5.00 USD Each


Multiuser license prices for Alteros 3D:

Alteros 3D
  1  license
  2-9  licenses 
  10-49  licenses 
  50+   licenses 
  $29.95 USD
  $25.00 USD Each
  $20.00 USD Each
  $15.00 USD Each




New themes for Talisman

Nouveaux thèmes pour Talisman




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