I want a futuristic non evil theme with a bountiful bunch of large launch icon buttons to open my applications

I want a theme with  Mathematica,look like on the desktop have mathematica of the history

I really would like to see more linux themes.  I also would like a Counter-Strike theme... (I was suprised to see that there wasn\'t one).  I would also like to see some Angel (not the TV show, but the actual celestial beings) themes.

could someone make a skin like this:

Iwould like bands(music) themes like Nirvana, The Sex Pistols, The Distillers..
Or skateboard themes

I see one Stargate SG-1 Theme here, and its not eaven heavily thought of.  I would love to see a true Stargate Theme that is Deep in the Stargate Style / Deep on the Stargate Style.  Other Then that, i love talisman, and its a realy awesome Application. Keep up the Awesome Work.  Thank You for your time and consern. you can email me when it is complete if you so choose to do it at manevski-vsi@sbcglobal.net,

Although mentioned twice already, I would like to see a Windows Media Center theme as well. Unfortunently, to actually get this OS you have to buy a whole new system. I like the alleged ease of use in the demos and have a high end system that surpasses the specs of many media centers being sold today.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I want a theme look like cyber look.
on the desktop have a lot of shortcut on windows system/driver

If possible I would like to have an Inu Yasha theme for my pc. Nothing to big. Just make it look nice and kool. If you make it please email it to me at Wilost0rm@yahoo.com Or St0rmhost@yahoo.com. Thanks.

This is Haroon From Kabul, Afghanistan working in a ISP in a user of Taslisman Desktop Themes so plz i want a theme if you could creat that for me!! im my dreas i have somting like a Big Pink Tulip with a sun flower ! all icons and wallpapers should be sunflower and Pink Tulips. hope u can creat that...
Haroon kabul, Afghanistan


I really want a theme like on \'Serial Experiments Lain\', The Copland OS Navigational Interface. However, not with a picture of lain, or anything, just a non-commercialized \'Copland OS\', as if It were a real OS, and if it\'s possible, to throw in some active bubbles, again, as seen on Serial Experiments Lain. glitch_omaggonn@hotmail.com

I want an Animal Theme with lots of African Animals and Wildlife.

id like a slipknot theme, the heavy metal band.. i found 1 doin a google search n found this 1 http://themeworld.com/cgi-bin/preview.pl/themes/slipkno2.zip its kinda cheesy tho, and i cant find any slipknot themes any where else, im hopin u guys can end my search n help me out here, for ideans on slipknot images, jus do a google image search n look up slipknot, contact me at K0MATRYP@hotmail.com thanks

I work at McDonalds.  I have worked ther for 2 years, and this may sound stupid, but do you have a mcDonalds theme?  Please let me know, thanks.  My e-mail is: Wiseguy_1087@yahoo.com

I would like to see a FluxBox/BlackBox -like theme, or theme with FreeBSD/Linux -centric ideas. I would really LOVE to see a theme of OS X Panther. :-)  yellowdog@dialmaine.com

- Northern Lights,starry sky, evergreen forest, wintery, frosty, desolate but beautiful.

- New Year themes!!!

i want a theme where theres hidden spots on the wall paper where i can click a certain spot and i have the files that are mine that i dont want being touched . like where u click a spot and ur files pop up


-Ok i been looking al over the internet for a theme with a Supper hot girl dressed in a skimmpy red santa like suit...in the snow....and i cant find one....so yea a winter theme with a super hot  girl dressed for the occation...that be awsome....anyone find or make anything email me spaz@templarlegion.net thanx

- A theme that is BattleTech/MechWarrior themed, or themes that have the interface/design shown in the mission movies of MechWarrior 3. Not very cool like LCARS, but at least professional/military-looking.

- could anyone make a theme of medieval age and fantasy, such as dragons, old maps, magic scrolls, swords, candles
- i want theme which is clean and minimalistic. i saw couple but in devians.. i dont want to pay for it. maybe another where is little bubbles moving upwards all the time.. and some other suddenly appearing things.
- gensomaden saiyuki theme/tightrope
- romantice couple near the sun

- How about a weather plugin that sits on the desktop. Thanks
- hi is there any theme on briteny spearce........pls send me .or add on first themes of ur collection.......thanx
- a theme totely nude and very hot and sexy pls send me at madhvi00@yahoomail.com with attachment...........thanking u, madhvi thakur.........
- how about a Sony VAIO theme...?
- I want a Juventus (football club). the theme collection has 1 of olympic marsielle .. but i want a juventus one ... can some 1 make it ... my email is neo_dharani@msn.com
- I want a theme \"MADONNA\". That is all.
- Could some one make a entire nintendo theme...with gamecube type graphics

- Could anyone make a theme of the buffalo bills, or a 96 Toyota Supra TT??
- something fancy,  horror, 3d and it has to be moving stuff
-i really want a theme with the romanian tv star Monica Barladeanu
-FLASH!!!....I want to see a theme utilising FlashMX technology....with xml/php/sql db...maybe a sick looking theme based on the default talisman one..but with heaps of functional flash!...
-It would be great to see an Ohio State Buckeyes theme.  Or, at least a theme similar to the \"default\" theme that is scarlet and gray.  Thanks!
-Id like to see more theams that completely change the way windos is presented and the way explorer navigates-doing away with the usualy takes bars and desk tops and offereing maybe more visual effect in navigating around the computer.

-why not a Monica Bellucci theme!!!!!!
Please, a Matrix star like she, the theme is very important..
-i would like a theme of the football team of real madrid,good ideia no?? many people will downloaded it
-hello team\'s Talisman, i suggest that you do a movie\'s theme : \"O Brother\" Because, its a fantastic film... Thx
-i want the gensomaden saiyuki main theme and the end theme named \"alone\"
-christian theme..i am a chistian and i love christian music thank you

It would be greatfull to see more HTPC-Themes.
As more and more HTPC-applications are comming around, i think that Talisman has big chances to win the battle of HTPC-Frontends.

I want a theme : i\'d like to see some themes for dual, or other multi-monitor setups.
-sean welchs@teov.org

I would like to humbly request a battletech theme. I would like to see something cool with the Murauder and the Mad Cat, possibly from the cockpit view of one of the mechanical beasts. thank you.

I also would like a Resident Evil Theme with music and Zombie sounds from the Gamecube release. Oh, and some dialogue and gunshot sounds wouldn\'t be bad either.

I would like to find an animated \"Buffy the Vampire Slayer\" theme with ALL the main characters from the 3rd season, before Riley came into the picture, with Faith, Spike and when Angel was still there. If anyone has a good one of these themes, please let me know. Please Email me at Yodeyoo@hotmail.com

-I would like a Tom Clancy\'s Raven Shield Related theme.
-an inu-yasha theme with all the charachers on it. backround color silver. and just do what you can to go with inu-yasha
-In honour of 2pac Shakur, i╢d like to have an Tupac theme. Did you Know that 2pac ist the most searched Rap Star in the Internet.
- Hi,could you please make more Neon Genesis themes.

I develop softwares for farmers.
So I would like to have a theme about farms. Cows, dairy, farmers, etc.

I want a theme : Hi all you great theme creators!I work in a cyber cafe and i want to have a theme that would display all the game that i have while hiding all the intenet programs and vice versa. including disabled menu to protect my PC.

Hi, i\'m looking for a voodoo doll theme , somethign with a couple of dolls somethign EVIL , :) just somethign that looks wicked with voodoo dolls if anyoen can help me out x3h@hotmail.com

how about a theme involving Vampires and Werewolves huh? Ones like the one in Underworld

I would like a theme with a peugot 206 tuned on the background.
the menu\'s and stuff I leave to you to deside how you make them. Just one thing could you make the \"start\" button the brandmark of peugot. thank you

Something unique and Cyberpunk oriented

hey. what about a theme with The Matrix Revolutions. somebody please create one. Or one with lamborghini. both of them with good wallpapers and good icons

hey,I would loke to add the XP theme but if i click on my favourite theme on your web site .it shows error.Please help me to have XP classic And Win98 clasic themes collection.
I will be thankful to you.

Hey, nice work, I really want a resident evil theme that you can FEEL the creepyness ya know?  Along with a good set of icons (ex: umbrella, biohazzard ect...) that mesh and fit really well, but aren\'t too noticable, thanks! (arobinson2154@yahoo.com)

Hey!I found only one theme with motorbike(v-rod).Can you make more?Exemple with Cagiva Super City (supermoto)?Thanks!

I am searching for a theme about Star Trek, but not as you have.
I am searching for one about the latest series of Star Trek.
It wold be very nice fi I could get one from you!
But I want no actors or the ship only the console wich you can see at the terminals in the ship.
contact me or send it to me: Archangel5@gmx.de 

I really like the simplicity & pure lines of Suns Solaris OS
That would be nice to see in a theme!

Could anyone please make a theme that makes use of those red-blue glasses that you get to see 3-D images with

Can you do a theme of Pirotessa from Lodoss War?    I have some really awesome pics from the series/posters of her.

i am trying to find a theme of kitties/cats for xp-- icons; tool bars; mouse pointer; skins.  But all i can find is for 95/98/ME/2000-- could you do a kitty theme?

i have been searching and searching and i cant find a snoopy desktop themes HELP!!!!!!

I want a Plugin for some Themes to have a Sound Visulation in the Desktop. Please tell me where i can get it. THANKS! Xaero@Arcor.de

a theme that makes me feel that i am in a tropical rain forest. i hop you are getting the picture.
send it to me at sriramhonda@rediffmail.com plz.

Hi guys I am a very much fan of ARnold Schwarznegger, So I wish 2 have a theme on T3 and many others like commando...etc..etc.. and too only emphasising his potrait and not the other actress in that film(ONLY ARNOLD)....Please can any 1 do this!?!?!??!

Have you ever look the computer interface of some tv movies of tecnology! A dasktop theme simply but complicated!!!! Excuse me for the incorrect lenguage but I\'m italian!!!
To contact me: jonnyy1@tin.it

i want a theme full of nature  i mean full of trees and gren and flowers and ....some thing that makes us feel that we are in deep forest do u have that?

I want a theme with \"tennis game\",for example:\"wimbledon\" or \"us open\" or others. thanks

I want a theme where I see a witch. The witch should have red hair.

i would apreciat it if you would add some really cool paintball themes to the site.W/ like paintball icons, and stuff

It would be nice to make theme with some guitars on it or guitarist like Jimmy Hendrix ,Stevie ray Vaughan or Eric Clapton .Maybe call it Blues Talkin or something like that.╗Dindt seen any of that here.Music themes please,please !!!!!!!!!

I am NEO.You know? I like my desktop decoration.Now, I have a many themes about talisman program.I want a themes,Icons, Taskbars, Startmenu,Wallpapers all about engineering,art and cartoon.  Contact: shokoon_2222@yahoo.com Thank You Very Much.

I want a theme all about Final Fantasy... Im sure many of \'em download it too, \'cauze i was really good! please make \'em also transparent!... more power TALISMAN

I want a theme all about subaru, with crazy buttons everywhere.  with pictures of the old subaru... not the brand new one... or the 2002 one... the one that is 99-01.  make the head lights open AOL or something crazy like that

Themes I would like to see,
Theme of the Reqium comic from a heavy metal mag
A Fallout type theme , a mix of high tek and mad max sort of thing
a gothic type theme  graveyard n bones and blood type, and something darker
and last but not least an H.R. Gieger theme

Something dark....evil....creative and abstract...with lots of black and red....with touches of goth...etc....you get the picture i hope...something dark DARK!!!! Just nothing too cliche with that whole skulls thing...no anarchy signs...and NO MANSON!!!! No nu metal(slipknot, paparoach..all that stuff) what so EVER!...Thank you so much!!!! I hope this skin will be awesome...but...i have not seen a bad skin yet...you skinners are damn good at this...i give props to you all...also...can you make it as interactive as  possible?...hope i didn\'t ask for too much...thanks again.

Obviously you seem busy so if you get the chance i would like to see a theme of nothing but DragonBall GT or Gran Prix Motorcycles

Yo,if possible I would like Desktops...(Icons, Taskbars, Startmenu,Wallpapers,themes) of all \"MARVEL\'s comics Superheroes\" and all sorts of them \"Japanese-Anime cartoons\" such as (eg;- Rave, Dragonball_Z/GT, Samurai X, Vandread.....etc) as I am an obssessed fan of those cartoons that I\'ve just mention.............PLEASE!!!]

If you could put together a polished theme with Wallace and Grommit, I think it would be brilliant.  Please try to include some of their cracking contraptions.  Thanks much and props to all the contributing animators.

Hey all...Still waiting to see a theme with flash in it. I mean, HEY!, talisman imports flash, but no theme yet??? WHAT THE?!!!

a completely 3 dimensional desktop whick will make me feel that the desktop is not plain and static. it should be life like with depth in the graphics. i hope you get the picture

A long time ago, maybe about 2 years or so, I downloaded a theme for the talisman version 1 which was based on American McGee\'s Alice video game.  I thought it was a really suberbly crafted and eye-catching theme.  But now I can\'t seem to find it anywhere.  I\'m running Talisman version 2.6 now, and I\'d really like to have that theme back, if someone still has it.  Let me know... Michael_SM@yahoo.com

a theme from the game Enter the Matrix - Hacking
and an OS from Japan Anime & RPG Game - Hack.// (ALT SYSTEMS) - That\'s just great. (c)

Hi i would like a theme with david beckham for my wife.. It has to be 1024x768 minimum though; she is a mad manc fan and becks is her fave player. Anyone know of one?

sup ya, i am dieing for bonethugs n harmony theme it has to be 800x600. hope some one makes it

i want a theme that is dark and scary, like a black and red menu with icons that are black and red. it would be really cool

i had one on winblinds...it was called retro....all green on black text and stuff...(like matrix)but the exact way the old pcs looked...and now with the matrix rave green on black is more pop than ever...id love one...but not smart enough to make it...so come on guys!!...lets retro!...ps...1024*768 is best i think.... ;)

I aqm looking for a theme that will run at 800x600 that has a look and feel like the Home Entertainment pc skin but for the car. The one that you have only works for 1024x768
I need max to be 800x600. I have created a car pc and I am using a 5.6\" TFT LCD pannel.
Any ideas, help?

Admin's comment: you should contact us by http://www.lighttek.com/submit.htm (include your contact email address). We are interested to speak about your car pc .

i want a theme of transformers generation 1. can someone make it for me please..

A gothic-solitude-rainmood theme - dark colours (not grey, not bulky, but not all the screen dark), more of a noble view. Black, White and blue or red (but not abundant), maybe with some Silver. With the use of transparency, kind of the elements are sitting in the corners and fade, closer to the center (winamp contorls top right, quick launch - bottom left, tray icons - bottom right, start menu - top left). There are bottom and top taskbars. Bottom - with time in the middle and multiple desktop management on the left and vertical volume control on the right (control of winamp volume, perhaps). top taskbar with my computer, IE, MSWord etc...
The middle is some black and white art picture with a devision in the middle (not a black-and-white, but drawn with this two colors, contrasted to each other)...
The overall impression not to look cartoonish, or medieval, or cyberpunk, more of a stylish, practical and smooth look...
I might get to do it myself, but too much work on hands at the moment... Can provide some graphics if you like the idea...
Verloren {Engel}

I have a dream, i have dream news theme i have a dream them
\"Eight\" Is inspired about Opera for \"O\".
The \"O\" is designed the double OS interface theme .
The \"O\" For Os And Is double the 8.
The red is designed for theme for 8.........

Second Dream is an interface theme by Linux but
is not real is inspired from Mandrake 9.1 and Red hat 9.0
The name of Theme is \"two Linux\" and it\'s have Two Pingus Heat
or it\'s insperd by another linux lycoris \"Flowers\" or Cygwin,
or A theme \"Linux Lotus flower\" and each petal is function to open a program....

hello, ok so i\'am french and i saw the last year the stargate sg-1 theme for talisman.
Can you send me it because i can\'t see it in the themes page !


can someone make some nice matrix reloaded themes...add those special frames which they have in the website ..www.thematrix.com ... those features are realli cool

Make something that looks really hightech, with a background that is moving and with boxes and stuff coming up when you click on smt to open it.

It would be nice if there were some themes of \"The Vision of Escaflowne\" or \"Diablo\".Other cool themes i would like to see are:Darth Vader, \"Golden Boy\",Quake3,Tekken 4
-or about Excalibur and Camelot,
-a Dragon theme based on Dungeons&Dragons

I want to see a theme showcasing ALL of talismans abities. I\'m talking about Full animation, Winamp-WMP-POwerDVD Control, flash animations, Html Browser, Multi-Forms(Several different \'looks\' to the same theme)...And I think if someone can do it(I mean REALLY do something awesome) that Lighttek should give them a prize/gift...Some merchandise maybe...What do you think MR LIGHTTEK???

FlashMX integrated theme. I read the theme \'wish\' for \"Adult Learning\" and KNOW that flashMX can handle all of these requests. What I want to know is whether talisman 2.6 can send/recieve variables from php/xml? If so, a \"team\" could create an awsome inter-school(education) desktop, that is totally realtime(ie: chat, test results in realtime - from server database,etc) Just an idea.

HEY! I just worked out how to make FLASH MENUS for talisman. As soon as I have made the theme, I will post.(flash control over \"ALL\" talisman scripts!!!)

would it be possible to have a ferrari theme I have the yellow Ferrari theme but would like the theme to be a red Ferrari as it would look nice on my desk top and go with my ferrari web site Happy hunting folks much and much appreaceated

What I *really* want right now is a LCARS based car-computer (carputer) theme.  In fact I want one so bad I am gonna dedicate my life to making one! (well at least the next few months!).  Ideally with winamp and powerdvd integration as well as the ability to run a startup flash movie or similar (for a nice little startup sequence).  I can picture it all, just need the technical capability to pull it off!

Is there a theme for a tablet pc. I\'m running my Acer C100 with OS Windows XP Tablet PC Edition en have landscape and portrait mode to view my desktop. The themes i found on this site don\'t change if i change my desktop from landscape to portrait and back.


Admin's comment: you can use any "Any res." theme. You need only to add the button with "Reload" command or create a hotkey with such command. Every time when you change landscape/ portrait you should press this button to refresh the theme. Another way - check the "Automatic Control of screen resolution" option in Properties>Program Settings.

FlashMX integrated theme. I read the theme \'wish\' for \"Adult Learning\" and KNOW that flashMX can handle all of these requests. What I want to know is whether talisman 2.6 can send/recieve variables from php/xml? If so, a \"team\" could create an awsome inter-school(education) desktop, that is totally realtime(ie: chat, test results in realtime - from server database,etc) Just an idea.

- I'd like to see a David Beckham theme. Or a Manchester United Theme. 
- Pink Floyd Live In Concert with icons would be super! 
- I would really like to see a James Bond, Mission Impossible, or general spy theme. Something very sleek and dark. 
- Since the greatest rock and roll on earth is currently on tour and that they also celebrate 40 years of rock and roll. I would like to have a Rolling Stones theme. Can anyone please help me?
- I like to see a Theme with Will Smith or Allen Iverson! Or from the Philadelphia 76ers! Please!!!!
- i want a theme about MICHAEL JORDAN or ALLEN IVERSON !
- I like to see a Theme with T.A.T.U. or something that has alot to do with trance sounds, pitures, and icons
-I think there should be more JapaneseAnimation themes like \"Sailormoon\" and \"DragonBall Z\"
- Me gustaria un Theme con motivo la consola Nintendo GameCube, uno en morado y otro en Platinium ;)
- the legend of zelda the wind waker
- I think there should be more JapaneseAnimation themes like \"Sailormoon\" and \"DragonBall Z\"
-"Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction\" or \"Magic the gathering\"

An Alien theme, a cool navigation.. beautifull colors, icons in iCandy style very cool. I know at least 20 people who would like such theme, cause were all alien freak, not the roswell stuff but just the cool things like alienware

There is a game called Lunar. I would like to get some feed back on this. I am seriously interested, and cannot find them. It is a 2 game series, and the art is fabulous...

Dragonball Z desktop theme!!!!  There\'s *tons* of material to make it *spiffy* -- animated battle sequences, sounds, pics, etc. free, all over the web!

than can be used for Media Center functions. A simple interface that could use the ATI All In Wonder remote control on to browse PVR, TV and Audio functions easily with.

I'd  like to see a theme that mirrored the new windows xp media center systems.

hi everyone
I would like an artistic theme with a beautiful naked girl.
It has to look really good, the functions of the theme has to fit into the background in some way
i hope someone will take this challenge soon.

From The *~Grim | ReapeR~*

I want a theme of default Photoshop 7.0 (for Windows XP) Icons
Mac Version of Photoshop 7 I found a lot, but I want a themeof WinXP Icons of Photoshop 7.

I really want a theme about Christina Aguilera with the new image of a dirrty girl. One lover of Christina from Costa Rica.
Jonathan Diaz. - jdiazgo@hotmail.com

I want a theme like Windows Longhorn. I find a design of Longhorn very cool. djon_mayer@hotmail.com

Hello everyone!!
I want my computer to be a mirror of me, something like that. I would like
to have a BLACK DESKTOP. That's right, I want it black in the message and
content, but I want it practic to. There must be a genius or a filosofer
capable to conciliate darkness and practice! Please, think about this. I'm
sure I'm not the only one who wants something like that...
Thanks by now...
        please contact to dus_turn@hotmail.com
        Portugal forever!

http://www.mysunrise.ch/users/mec.sommer/downloads/Talisman-Theme%20HTPC%20silber.zip - this is Great! i`d like theme for HTPC, but at 800x600.....can you help me to find really great theme? 
HTPC 3.2 - is not colourful...too dark for me. It's Very Important. Thank you.
ps Russian forum about HTPC: http://forum.ixbt.com/0012/027576.html


Instrument panel BMW, or other machine. It would be COOL!


here's a theme I would would like to see :
A modern school room .
scratch that an Ultra Modern School Room. 

one with a timer for tests 
a bitmap with window inside where my flash cards can show through.
a media style play list that auto browses through lessons ive already covered in my homework handed in tray ,just to keep me refreshed.
an approachable non-scarry cyborg teacher (like charlie browns teacher)with a window to a real teacher somewhere on its person .a skinnable /reatractable pulldown screen that Accesses a subject library and folder system that that joins my text lessons as a play list,and that can launch mp3 lectures and mpeg examples .
a way of placing my things to memorize on the chaulk board or my homework retrived from an emai sent from the web . a shortcut that has a thumbnail view of my documents.
all the while id like to see some translucent links of real time events placed around the top of the room like a wallpaper border that slightly flashes as new data is detected.And could somebody please put caller id on there somehow so i dont have to get up or be distracted by the other students who are making it hard for others to learn! give me a hidden tool bar that opens when my mouse goes over it that i can brouse to select .
and if that isnt too much can i also have the standard 5 pupils that can make up a study peer group.that has its own chat .

the recess and lunch stuff optional though OK great!
turn this before christmas cause you dont want to have to work on it during christmas break

When i walk away from it i want to feel like i just got out of school. but BUT 
i want to be able to exe from my desktop my text aloud mp3 to burn to my cdrw so when i do get up i can listen to the text file once ive put on my earphones or a lecture i just heard over the web

Hi guys, I want (or I need) a theme. Iím looking for Dogs icons (XP Style) but I could not find anything.  Thanks in advance.

I have found a lot of wonderfull Talisman-themes on this site and even some
professionally made!.. So far there are so many good designers that from
time to time make beautiful themes for Talisman, may be some one could make
such a theme, based on manga "Ghost in the Shell 2 - Manmaschine interface"?
That would be a real masterpiece and especially beloved one in
anime-cyberpunk world!...

Great Program guys! My Theme of choice would be of Trading the Markets... money, quote tickers, money, Wall Street, Chicago, Nasdaq...

Great program, I've seen a few people asking for a Neon Genisis Talisman theme, I think it owuld be really cool to have one with the Evas, and some of the other characters on there. If anyone else has any ideas, then lets have them!! Thanks 

I was wondering if you were going to create an Evangelion file? If so I know many of my university friends who would be interested. Many thanks for your time, 

I think a really cool theme would be a "Sin City" theme based upon the black-and white works of Frank Miller, also notorious for the dark knight returns (among others). Thanks!

hi, i wan a theme with Jill valentine,the one in resident evil~ 
i wan to havea big background pic of her,with icons and templates with the theme...and i wish to have 3 pics with icons in order to change wallpapaers easily...


Hello, I think there is a great idea to create some theme about FRIENDS and Winnie the poor.
I will be the firth to take them. Bye Gantalf_js

Hello to everybody... Please, make theme from "South Park", pls..

I would like a theme with some of the characters from American greetings "Bubblegum"

There are lot of skins of great women...But what about men? I would like,it it is possible,a skin with great men ! Tahk you very much.

I am wanting a theme on the T.V. show southpark.  I think that it would be really cool to have,  could u guys do that for me? if so, when will i be able to get it? thanks. Kevin

Anything that looks cool, and RED!    I have noticed there is a huge lack of red themes.  A cool background, and just something original for navigation.  If i had 1337 photoshop skillz [but i dont], i might do it myself :)

Abattoir is Slaughterhouse

Respect to u, people. I just want a theme, containing one of that
pictures, that come inside the stuff of WindowsXP (e.x. "Water lilies"
or "Wind"). Or something else about nature (Thunder, ocean or so).

Hello guys! Preety cool program you've got here!! It was really cool idea to make more skins for talisman. But still you miss some ones. So I wanted to give a little peace of advice and ask you to create two more skins for talisman. The first one is from my favourite anime NOIR. Add some dark tones. Because bright skins make my eyes go nuts. And another skin id from my favourite RPG game called "Fallout2" some nuclear signs over the desktop and cool wallpaper with atom blast. Hope you'll hear my pleas and make these skins come to life.

Visit Our WebSite, www.drone.narod.ru  drone  mailto:fallout2@beep.ru

Hello everyone!!
I want my computer to be a mirror of me, something like that. I would like to have a BLACK DESKTOP. That's right, I want it black in the message and content, but I want it practic to. There must be a genius or a Filosofer capable to conciliate darkness and practice! Please, think about this. I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants something like that... Thanks by now...
        please contact to dus_turn@hotmail.com
        Portugal forever!

I really need help!  I want a theme that has plenty of subaru symbols, their that or my future car, 2000 Subaru Impreza RS.  I would recomend that you use the rally car of 2000.  That would be alot better.  If anyone can make me a theme like that please Email me right away.  If you need the picture to help you or anything else, I will love to help.  Thank you.

Hi, there!!
Since I found Talisman, I've been working to change the themes to my language and nessecities. That's right, I'm portuguese, so it is dificult to me to have a beautiful and cool desktop as I would like. I think you (all the theme makers) should have that in considering. As so, possibly, a new version of Talisman where we can chose our language to the bottons, menus, etc.! That would be great! So, thanks by now...

Hello, Theme Designers... I bought Talisman today (28 May 2002) and am still playing with it; this is fun :D.  Now, after going through all sixteen pages of themes that surely took a very long time to design, I didn't find anything cute and "light".
Well, like most girls, I'm really into Hello Kitty (princess or angel - pink) and was wondering if anyone out there would be okay with designing something.  I have a bunch of Hello Kitty wallpapers and icons and cursors if they're needed.  I even have sounds if someone could go so far and doesn't have anything of their own.  The only thing is, I like using Talisman more so than my normal desktop. Okay, well...That's it.  Thank you.

I downloaded your Xfighter theme from Thirty4 interactive skins..... I was wondering if there was a way you could make me one exactly like it, but with 5 drive buttons instead of just 3.  I have a harddrive that is divided into 4 plus my CD-rom.  I thought of just adding them myself, but couldnt figure out where to put them.  I thought they would work if they were run left to right across the top of the control and quick buttons.  If you cant, I totally understand and thank you for atleast reading my email.

HI, can you made a Theme from "Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict" ? Yes? please answer me!

Top piece of kit this talisman.  I am trying to make a kind of htpc solution...for my car.  The hardware is nearly ready to go in, but im having trouble doing the grafix for the interface...can N E 1 help?  I have something quite complex in mind, and have done rough sketches of what I want, but putting this into practice....hah!  There will be compensation for good help.  Please email me at vtblade@lineone.net

How about a high end fetsih theme. Not just straight sex thing but a high end sensual theme with a touch of fetish. I have tried myself but I'm not that good in building buttons and such. I do have all the oix that I would need but the building part is tha one I can't do
DrNibbles <drnibbles@hotmail.com>

Hi, everybody out there. I want you to know my only wish...I want the Sputnik theme. It's the most wanted theme in other shells, but I like too much Talisman Desktop, and so...why not?

I would like a theme featuring Predator or a Aliens vs Predator theme thx if their is a predator theme mail me  countergangster@web.de thanks

I have a Home Theater PC with resolutions up to 1440x960i. I would really like a Home Theater themed desktop that includes TheaterTek DVD player, Winamp, dScalerTV, dScaler Laserdisc, DVDStarter and Internet Explorer. Any help would be greatly appreciated and even compensated if of value. Please e-mail me if you can provide some value to my HTPC.

I would like a theme featuring the anime show Cowboy Bebop. I would especially like the theme to be based on Spike, one of the characters from Cowboy Bebop, but anything will do.

i would like a mac style theme but for professional recording appz. like a mixer button, and icons for pro tools tdm or reason. any way it would be cool

Hi i would like a Theme of Brandon Lee's The Crow makeing everythign from lettering dark or faded , and make it look good

I would like a theme for kids, little childrens. Something very easy for them. Thanks a lot, Frenchman

I have been fooling around w\ it and all and I can not get one made; So maybe someone out there can hook me up w\ A Grateful Dead theme ;)

Someone please make a ladydeath theme  ihave looked every where and it seems no one has enough talent to make one that works for windows xp

Hey! What you think about modern hand weapon? G11, Val - Vintorez - Vihr' - Vul, P90 etc? And some great soldiers with this toys... "The eternal beauty of destruction"...  Florean Geyer

Could you please make me a theme for the X-Files(The one where they solve paranormal activity).  It is for my girlfriend who is obsessed with it. Thank you, Juan Jo

seems that a marijuana theme has not been exploited yet. A good one with nice crispy clear pictures. the greenish color scheme. and nothing lame in it just pot related

I would like to see a theme for The Matrix, not just with pictures from the movie either.  A theme that looks like you are actually using a computer from the movie.  If someone can do it, AWESOME. 

How about a Planetarion theme?And the background is your actual galaxy (www.planetarion.com) Or I would love a Wolfenstein theme with a SS-Rune as Background!:)

Hi, I was wondering if it would be possible for such advanced talisman theme creators to make me a personal theme. If so email me at tim@molecularedesigns.com ..  What I really want is anime. Dragonball Z preferred . Gohan young or old, or something techy like thredz theme .. thnx :o]

Always the same themes over and over... :( No one thinks about making themes on witchcraft. I've been looking everywhere for a theme on witchcraft but can't find nothing. If someone finds something on witchcraft theme I'll appreciate you email me. midnight_kisses@hotmail.com  Thanks

Id like a theme based on the borg. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Where is the "Cameron Diaz"-Theme ???? *sigh*

I'd like to see a Dragon Ball Z theme.  More specifically Vegeta. Also any dark theme, dark grey's, dark blue's, black's, way deep red's, however I don't have any topics to go with those colors off the top of my head. Thanks.

I want a theme featuring the Dave Matthews Band! :) 

Hello everyone!
I just discovered Talisman Desktop and I find it great!  Please don't tell me I am a little late if I ask a theme for Ridley Scott's "Gladiator" two years after  the movie has been released. After all, the movie has made me rediscover the city where I was born and where I live; now I just cannot pass by the Colosseum without seeing it as new and whole as it was in the movie.. I am not really interested in the hero portrayed by Russell Crowe, or in Joaquin Phoenix's villain, but in the feeling of Rome as it was- in the greatness of that old Empire. Personally, I love desktop themes about movies, and I noticed Talisman has very few of them.. I wonder why. Thank you again!

I would like a theme base on the ABC show Alias!

I would like a theme about world map

I want a theme about Fight Cub or just theme on russian

Hey how about themes with Charlie Brown. Especially with Snoopy and Woodstock

I would like to see a futuristic morphing 3d objects and a hand-like cursor, kind of "in real 3d place" theme. I am not sure, that Talisman works in 3D anyway. But if it's possible, why wouldn't it be made?

Hi can someone plz make a Jay-Z theme, because he is ma fave rapper, with like music playing when you double click and icon.It'd mean a lot to me...THANX!!=)

You all do great work, I would like to see a Harley Davidson theme.......Thanks

what i'm looking for is a tripple h (HHH)  theme or steve austin and the rock

I want a theme... about The Matrix / Reloaded ! Thank you!

How about a The Cure Theme ???

This is a CALL to all Shenmue Fans on this World. Anybody must make a Shenmue-Theme. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Hi masters, I like to see a BattleTech theme. A look from a Battlemech-Cockpit to a battlefield (maybe a city ?)

Please make a Dragonball z Themme. I wish me a Dragonball  Z theme, i hope you can do this !!!!!!

Hello iīve tested talisman and think you could make a Bubblegum Crisis (Anime) Skin. You find pics by http://bgctop100.com/topsites.html use only pics from 2032 and 2033 BGC they are better. THX Stingray15

Hey can somebody make a Neon Genesis Evangelion Skin. It would be very cool.
Is somebody got it please send it to clc.vego@gmx.de THX :)

Hello, I love Talisman!!!!!!!!!! Iam a game freak and i wish u made a Nuke Nukem Forever theme. Thanks PizzaMan(n)

Oh, there are so many themes I would like to have. The best would be a Theme of the best Heavy Metal Band ever: MANOWAR! But there are also some other cool themes I missed: How about a Final Fantasy theme? Or Shenmue? Or some cool animes (Evangelion, Records of Lodoss War)? Or Star Wars?? Would be great if there will be some of these soon. - Metal_Warrior

I'm fed up by those overcoloured, slow Windows Desktops. I do not need an active desktop with a large background picture and thousands of web components on it. What I want is functionality: A 1024x768 Desktop without any unneccessary pictures. The programs and special folders (Windows folder, My Music etc.) should be easily and quickly accessible, this applies also to recent opened documents and programs. But I cannot fully omit customizability: I wanna be able to manage my shortcuts on my own. This would be the Windows I always waited for, but WinXP destroyed nearly all my hope. Anyway, may it be possible to create such a "pure performance"-theme?

How about a Dark Angel Theme?

which shows a real good looking scorpion - kind of psyadelic may be? or like painted with airbrush? just a great pic with / on a scorpion!  thanx for help - waiting for answer greetings, Ditch

I want a theme based on  game Deus Ex  It can be a crazy idea - but try to imagine!

I want to see a theme of Bone thugs~n~harmony  that is my favorite rap group

How about the Petty Girls??   This is a series and has great pics - classics...please?  pretty please?

Hello All !!!
I want a them anime jap (Ghost in the sell, Cowboy bebop and Love hina ) I like the manga that s why i would like a them of animejap ^^ please send me a reponse Thanhs You !!
My adress is Trufosiblack@aol.com And my Site is www.Cheznaru.fr.st 
Bye bye!!! ^^

I love many of the themes  from this site, but I gotta be honest...you don't have any cool THEMES of BRITNEY SPEARS.   If you know a way(any way posible) for me to get my hands on a britney spears themes please email me at solracleba81@hotmail.com
Carlos Cuevas 

How about a Lord of the Rings Theme?

I am a piper and would love to see a tasteful tartan highland theme, with bagpipes and drums for icons.  I hope someone can help with this idea.

I'm new wtih Talisman so I'll take some time to create my own themes... Some Ideas for you... What about a Blade Runner theme? (with dark blues, greys, dirty surfaces, etc...) And a Syd Mead theme...futuristic...

How about some fantasy themes? Like dragons, wizards, fairies...that sort of thing. Thanks in advance in anyone makes some :-)~

do you think you could make one that has chihuahuas?  I am a breeder and love this program!!!!  My screen is 1024 X 768 I think.   It is a 19" monitor, 17" viewable. thanks very much..;) Lesvt45@aol.com

HI. CAn anyone make a Parasite Eve, 1 or 2 or both :)  ? I am just really into its concept of mitochondria,  not to mention, Aya Brea. I hope somebody else there share my sentiments. It would make a nice theme..

It would be a good idea that lighttek organizes the themes by gender, and not by page, i would also like a theme about The Cranberries or Dido... Dukeofgaming

Please make theme about Chapaev Vasiliy Ivanovich. It must be greate. 1024*768

Please i just have Win XP and any theme run on it.. could you make some themes about anime (escaflowne , evangelion ...) please please please ..... or explain me how to do a theme under xp ... :) 
thnaks very much .. ^_^ Armi 


I like the X-Fighters Theme a lot.. but is there any way to get more of the buttons you used for the My Computer, IE, & Out Look Exprees on the left hand side?

Hi! Here is my idea for a cool theme. I know there are some Windows XP themes out there but what about making one that is 99.9% accurate. And so every person can enjoy it not just some with the specified resolution, make it any resolution. Or if that canít be made make a 1600x1200 for the big folks out there. The theme should be customizable just like in the real Windows XP. Also so it takes up as little as possible resources, without sacrificing quality. Well, this is my idea. Thanks. Mako

Please!!! Make envelope Talisman with Marilyn Manson.

What you need to do is a sopranos theme a dragonball z collage type theme would also be cool What i think would be good is for someone who is good at making icons or templates, to make maybe a few on some the popular topics and provide them - then i think you would see some of the newbies like myself try to put out some themes for everyone to enjoy

I'm a big MATRIX Fan ! Plesae make a MATRIX Theme! Thanks. PLS could you put an animation general on the screen !!  Thanx 

I would like to see and have a theam on Patrick McGoohans the prisoner if possible with the gates shutting scene Many thanks Nick

ZHANG ZIYI theme.  Whoaaaa.  This would make my day.  Zhang Ziyi!  ZHANG ZIYI.  Z-H-A-N-G Z-I-Y-I.okay i'll say it one more time.  Zhang Ziyi!

Please can somebody make a theme about THE TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS. I'm a Dutchman who realy likes the BUCS. I have t-shirts caps etc, but no theme of the bucs. And i dont like the theme of Windows BUCS. Thank you for reading this. Aaltje.

I'm a big Porsche Fan ! Plesae make a Porsche Theme! Thanks. Rob

Hello. It would be great if there were themes with Basketball and Soccer, with the resolution 1280 x 1024. That would be great. Hvidberg

I would like 2 themes, A DragonBall Gt theme and a Jackie Chan theme for talisman 2, i would gladly appreciate it

I would like to see a theme w/a fighter pilots view of a carrier landing form the cockpit of a F14 TomCat &/or F18 Hornet, day &/or night landing/takeoff. Also aireal combat theme.  Apache AH64 helecopter theme & the new Cmonche attack helecopter theme. All for Talisman 2.
R. Ross Mb., Canada facs_man@excite.ca

you definately need a Rockford Fosgate theme!

I would really like to see a Buffy The Vampire Slayer theme too...might
actually get my friends to get this if you do one.  Thx! Buffy Fan

I want....to know if it is possible to download any of the themes from Deviant? Transferring at 1 byte a minute may pass the time but certainly ensures that the file never makes it.  Shame, they look so good too.  Isn't my server or modem, can assure you of that.  Hope things improve.

A "Buffy, The Vampire Slayer" -theme would be nice. Or "Friends", "Simpsons", "Ren & Stimpy", "DuckMan", Futurama" , etc...   Thanks , Tom

For anyone who knows of a little anime, and has seen Serial Experiments: Lain, I'm looking to see if anyone can produce a skin to match the SE Lain Copland OS: Navi for Talisman 2. I know this has been requested multiple times, but I'm just reminding everyone that we're still waiting...

How about a U2 theme? It's absolutely, completely &hundredpercentally ununderstandable that there isn't one already!!! There is a U2 music player, screen-saver + many other stuff -> all we need is a talisman
desktop! And make more 800 x 600 themes, or those "any resolution" kind, it would be appreciated... thanks (to the one who is crazy enough to spend donno how much time just coz I feel like having a U2

I would like a 16.9 format for Home Theater PC (1366x768 res) 

i want a theme based on the bubble system used on the Navis in Serial Experiments Lain. That would be so cool!


I would like a theme that can be use for a Home Theater PC (HTPC), very simple menu system that will work from an IR remote, without having to use a mouse. I use Girder for the IR Remote control www.girder.nl


I want a theme based on the Navi from Serial Experiments: Lain! It´s really cool looking!! Someone already tried it, but I´m sure, you can do it better! You can find it here: http://pkunto.akuma.to

Themes in 800*600 would be nice...not all of us use the higher res's all the time...

Hello, I would like to ask if you could please make a theme of a viper venom 800TT. I am a great viper fan and would love to have this one. Thanks for your help 
Adam Willson 

HI! It qould be very nice, if someone can make a StarTrek, especially a lCars-Theme.And it would be nice, if the Star Trek Bridge Theme can be converted from Talisman 1.xx to talisman 2 
Thanks a lot! 

I would like a Tekkaman Blade 2 Theme please and possibly a Z.O.E. theme too.
Z.O.E. stands for Zone Of the Enders and it's a game for Playstation 2.

A theme based on one of the Wing Commander games... if possible....preferrably not the Wing Commander Prophecy game. Thank you :)  Jordan Parduhn <jlrx425@hotmail.com>

People, who can made for me theme, contain forest, lake, clouds, sun, wind...... I like it! (for Talisman2)

Thank you! mailto:snull@nm.ru

people need to start makin themes with bigger resolutions, i run at 1600x1200, and i have found NO themes with this resolution, i know there are themes that say they can run at any resolution, but they just dont look good when i stretch them to this rez

Hi, Could you make a theme based on the game Infantry ( http://www.station.sony.com/infantry/ ), Also I would like a theme based on a game called Motorcity Online ( http://www.motorcityonline.com/ ). And my last theme I want is a theme based on the Rock n Roll era (Maybe some people dancing or some old cars... etc...).

Thanks heaps,
Clive Robertson A.K.A. Calso mailto:rocknroll4me@hotmail.com

I just discovered Talisman and, to say the least, i cant stop having sporadic laughs of joy. Anyways, i was looking for a theme based on H.R. Giger's artwork, with, i dont know, kind of a bio-mechanic console with incrusted buttons or something like that. Thank you very much:)

Sebastien montpetit arakan@hotmail.com

also want a theme for Windows thats just like the one in Serial Expierements Lain. You know the OS Lain uses in her ner NAVI? I would really like it if you did one like that.

Could you create a theme on KDE, the linux OS...? Tanks a lot

I would like to see a theme made with some of the art of MC Escher...or meditation mandalas. Escher's Hand With Reflecting Sphere or Ascending and Descending would make good themes with "hint" type buttons. 

Thank you for your time and consideration

John Pish

I'm looking for a SIMPLE, STYLISH theme, which has all the following features....

* shows the windows Systray (not on the standard task bar if possible, but on a custom one)
* can easily be changed for a differrent tone (i.e. blue, purple etc)
* can have any background image (so any interface graphics should not be background colour dependent)
* has the facility for several on-screen groups (i.e. programs, games) possibly with sub-groups (i.e. programs/creative, games/strategy)
* no complicated images, just simple (one or two basic colours, two/three shades of each)
* easy customisation

Hope somebody out there can have a go at this - let me know if you have any questions about this :-)

James Fraser <James_Fraser@ntlworld.com>

We need more 1280x1024 and up resolution themes. Lots of 17"+ monitors out there but mostly I only find 800x600 or 1024x768 themes. Also, a search engine for your themes would be awesome. 
David Warthen

Hey friends, I'd like to have a theme (1024 x 768 )regarding ancient Greece ( temples , statues, vases,...) ; perhaps I'll do it for you, but if there is yet...I' d like a message from anyone... Thank you. silgard@tin.it

I want a VERY NICE Black & White Theme (Based on the game). I've looked all over the net but didn't find anything!

could someone kindly make a Windows XP theme that has custom menus and a taks bar that dont start in the middle. its where it belongs! also, you should release a step by step help guide for people to use that are new or kinda nervous about making new skins. kinda a newbies guide! thanks

Hi I've just found you! on a free CD with computer shopper, your fab. I have a daughter who is 7 and loves horses.. I couldn't see any, please can some one make a really nice horse one, thanks. Yours wishfully. Sally Matthews, Sally.matthews@virgin.net

2 different wwf superstars'; the rock and the american bad ass (the undertaker); with the most recent info on them as possible. Anthony, a_mazonna@hotmail.com

get us more "any res" themes.since i am working on 1600x1200,  it's quite hard to find good stuff!

Dennis Derschow derschow@triplex.de

Hey...Anyone interested in making a Harry Potter theme for my children.  Its all they think about and I would love to have a theme to put on their computer.  
Smellie Ken <ken.smellie@we-inc.com>

Hey guys weres all the linux themes i have seen next to none on here.Some one please make a good one!! <reidj2000@home.com>

How about a very sexy desktop - let your imagination go wild, just don't get x-rated.  Think of something for an adult at his home office, I'm am absolutely not asking for anything pornographic. And I really don't think a celebrity  is the way to go either, something without a personality from the media to interfere with the mystery of it. I would like to see what you can come up with. Thanx, Damion <damroopion@yahoo.com>

Hi, I've got a few ideas for some themes. First a theme based on the movie Gladiator. Also a jungle looking theme based on Jurassic Park would be cool. Finally a theme based on the dreamcast game Shenmue: http://www.sega.com/sega/game/shenmue_launch.jhtml
I would really appreciate it if someone could make any of these themes.

Thanks, Jonathan Black, dinotrack@email.com

Alright Everyone,  I've looked around and I can't find any Quake1 themes. There's Quake2 and Quake3 but I would really like a good Quake1 (Classic and best) theme. I would be 4ever grateful :) Cheers
DJLawson <DJLawz@btinternet.com>

I would like to know if anyone is interested in making one of these two
pictures into a them? http://www.geocities.com/poison_ivy_itchy/IE_metal.bmp
I have application and desktop type icons to go with them. I even have mouse
pointers if you want them.. Please contact me, don't just take the pictures.

Chrstel M <deniedu@mindspring.com>

 Can´t somebody make a theme that looks EXACTLY as a iMac theme with Aqua? 
You know those blue semitransparent buttons! I MUST have it please?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Johan Hillerström johan.hillerstrom@telia.com

want a theme that makes my win2k look exactly as a SGI IRIX....   azimuth@certto.com.br

I"m a great fan of Fallout I/II & I"m not the only one in the net. There are many skins devoted to Fallout (like Vault Tec for WinAMP). Why not to make such a theme for Talisman...?

Maelstrom maelstrom@nm.ru

How about themes based on Ancient Egypt...pyramids, gods, temples! It would make a great one!†
Thank you for your consideration!Stephanie
email: touchkiss@msn.com

would like someone to do a really good Linux theme. Mandrake, Redhat or SuSe would be cool...there are no good Linux themes anywhere...

Maxwell Gillis <sluth85@hotmail.com>

i would also love to have the navi theme from serial experiments lain. That is actually how i heard about talisman, i think there was a posting that someone had did it, and i have forever been searching. Please.. i ask again...please 

Thank You in advance,    kamaur@yahoo.com

hello everyone, and I wanna tell that your themes are fantastic, but please, make a Bruce Lee theme, it's missing, and a lot of people love him, thank for all, bye

Márcio Santos antonio.alves.teixeira@netvisao.pt

i want a beos theme that will make windows EXACTLY like BeOS 5 PE!!!

You know the OS from Serial Experiments Lain? The one used on Lain's NAVI? I want THAT! I want my pc to be a NAVI! Please? I would be forever grateful that you did that!

Hi, I recently downloaded your fantastic program hoping to find a MacOS X theme to use with it, but I could'nt find one anywhere please can you help me. Thanx

Hello Everybody!    I've seen some themes and I think they are just the best. That's the way, keep it up     But now I want to appeal to all those Theme-makers reading this:     PLEASE, make a METALLICA theme!!  I know that You guys are good and can do this.  Thanks in advance,   HydraSlav

I was wondering if anyone would want to do a port of the Digital Frost (v2) theme for Litestep for Darkstep... and if possible 1600x1200?  Or if not designed for 1600x1200, one that can be easily used for any size (like some of the existing themes are for darkstep already). 

I would VERY much appreciate it,
SpamMe  Spam__Me@excite.com

I would really like to heve a theme based on the movie "Star wars: the phantom menace". May be when Darth Maul is fighting with the jedi knights would look realy great. So if you make such a theme PLEASE send it to me. My adress is simanovich@yandex.ru.

Please! :-)

How about more 1280x1024 Themes?All of the themes I have seen are raw talent, so just make them compatible for 1280x1024. Thanks. 


I am looking for a Jeep theme, preferably a Wrangle theme.  I know there are a lot of Jeepers out there that  would love to bring the muddy outdoors into the work atmosphere.  Thanks for your help.

Chuck Julian

I think a theme based on Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of Time" Novel series would be really cool. Perhaps a map of his world could be used for navigation,have buttons relating to powerful items such as the Horn of Valere and Callandor. Or maybe a kind of portal theme based on WayGates....
Perhaps a separate theme could be made based on the Wheel of Time PC Game.
The possibilities are there.

Ben van der Loo <marcus_neb@hotmail.com>

I would really like to have a theme for Star Trek ARMADA.
This is such a wicked game and i love it do dead can some one please help me out or tell me how i can make one......

Please :-)
please reply to Omicron88@altavista.com in the subject please put St Armada theme

I'm looking for gothic themes and also some themes relating to marijuana
would be cool....

e-mail:  XoX420ChickXoX@aol.com

i want some sports related skins e,g nike,addidas etc 

e-mail:  s_cape_2000@yahoo.com

I Want a theme like a special windows add on but can it be kept to 16 bit colour to speed it up and have a resolution of 600 800 please i really need it if anybody else wants it we can work on it together i've already make an OK one bu need some help

e-mail: kerton@iprimus.com.au 


Peter piotrux@polbox.com

Does someone have a link or can create a Mac (the last OS version) for me? I can only find a 800x600 skin! If you can help me, send the link to me in a email --> iamoutsidethematrix@post.com

I would like some series specific anime themes. Preferably ones dealing with Evangellion. Maybe one similar to the Eva interface or one of the Magi? Or character specific like Asuka or Rei.


I am looking for a theme or themes of old and rare GUI OSs such as:GEM/3,GEM/4,VEIWMAX,AmigaOS 3.5,WORKBENCH,IRIX,SOLARIS 2.4,AppleII,RISC OS,DEC ALPHA OS,DIGITAL UNIX,MOTIF,and a gui that uses 3d NON-CARTOON look,icons,etc such as seen on SERENADE website.The letters used on that site are like real plastic look objects complete with shadows and light on the surfaces according to how the letters are positioned and rotated.to make a gui like that is steller and I hope such things are possible!

Listen...Do you hear that?...Exactly!!!  Nobody is complaining about  this cool site!!!I really love many of the themes  from this site, but I gotta be honest...YOU DON'T HAVE ANY  COOL   SAILOR MOON  THEMES!!!!!!!!!!!......But that's  all right, if you know a way(any way posible) for me to get my hands on aS.M. themes please email me at lenalyre@hotmail.com this has been a message from your's truly........... 

*^ .^*  Vanessa....

I wish to find more themes that fit a 1280x1024 resolution. I like sci-fi and fantasy themes, but I can't be picky, can I?

E-mail: guys@rec-tech.com

Hello ! I want more Erotic-Themes for 800*600 !!! PLEASE ! BE SO GOOD

CU Looju
E-mail: knatz@gmx.de

I want a theme for a duel monitor setup.. this one should be alot of fun to create.. the resolution must be 2048x768.. and I come from linux.. I would like minimalist (lots of open space).. dark colors.. but good functionality in it.. I like dark and artistic.. with side menus.   If anyone feels like having fun with a huge desktop.. please go ahead and make it .

Robert Melton
E-mail: metacosm@hotmail.com

Wicked. As I'm the Wicked Witch of the West my idea for a theme of wicked witches, wicker brooms, dark nights. Thankyou. Mark Wicked Cleaning Services. Perth WA. E-mail: wwwest@primus.com.au


I would like a theme based on unreal tournament. You cant find a good one on the net anywhere

E-mail: wizard99@galstar.com

Hello. :) I want a theme of roses.. like, watered, wet rosebuds ...
maybe you guys can think of one for me?

Hi, I like very much this apll so I will try to make some themes based to OS. If any body have ideas photos and anything else please send it to me.  I want to make old OS Atari,Amiga,Commodore...........

Please if you have any theme about sharks... send to me! Thanks

Hi! I`m a newborn to rhis site and now feel it like my permanent  address.Since last few days what I`m missing is  real cool theme.Please look into of bringing up something other tahn abstract and close to reality.How about coming onto movie themes???But something should be changed cause change is always good.

Would you Can you create a theme based on Vampire the mascarade.
I dream of it. Thanks.

I am learning how to add to your existing themes slowly, very slowly.  Would you can  to create a "Golf theme"?  Something where you are standing on the tee of a Par 3 hole and you can see the green, flag, and blue sky with light clouds overhead.  There is a light breeze and you are waiting for the players ahead to finish putting so that you can tee-off. Someone who loves the game of Golf knows what I am asking.  To have a desktop like this may cause many of us to stop working and get outside. Anyway, I think this may be a good theme for many to choose. 



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