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       Business interfaces. Examples.


Full View

6 screens

Download, Any resolution, Filesize 60kb   

Author : Lighttek Software 

Description: Example of a simple theme for corporative or kiosk interfaces.
Main screen with links to 6 additional screens for your applications.
Administrator button in the top-right corner of the main screen.
Administrator can add or edit any button on all screens.
User can not change anything.

If you do not need taskbar/clock:
- delete the string "showform form3" in "desktop0.autostart" field
- uncheck "Show Clock" checkbox of "aclock_0" object
- uncheck "Show Taskbar" checkbox of "Talisman Taskbar" object
- reload the theme

Full View


Download, Any resolution, Filesize 1000kb   

Author : Shadrincarpc 

Description: Can be used as a theme for Kiosk or HomePC or OfficePC.

Tested on 1024x768, 1280x800, 1280x1024, 1600x1200 screens.

Designed for Application Mode of Talisman Desktop 3.xx only!


HTML Kiosk

Download, Any resolution, Filesize 14kb   

Author : Lighttek Software 

Description: This theme is a simple example of a fullscreen Information Kiosk interface using HTML pages to show information.

The theme has only one fullscreen HTML object which can be easy configurated to show your own pages: just replace the index.htm file to your own.

All menus, settings, drag&drop functions are disabled. Only Administrator has access to "Settings panel" by password. Settings panel may be called by Ctrl+Alt+Z hotkey or by special button in the top-right conner of the screen. This button may be hidden too if you need only the HTML page on your screen.


New themes for Talisman

New themes for Talisman







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