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      Iinterfaces for children. Examples.


Download , Any resolution 1024x768 and higher, Filesize 1400kb

Author: Uktus   E-mail  Homepage

Description: Shrek theme for resolutions 1024x768 and higher.


Harry Potter

Download, 1024x768, Filesize 1700kb

Author: Bob Starck-Higgins

Description: Well,a slight diversion for me,but my son being as HP fanatic wanted me to make him a theme for his PC and I thought others might be interested.
There are lots of bits including animated cursors,font,sounds and 8 different wallpapers for you Muggles.Oh!and by the way,touching hidden spots around the desktop will herald the arrival of creepy crawlers and Hedwig.



New themes for Talisman

New themes for Talisman







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