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       Desktop Panels. Examples.


Desktop Calendars

Download page, Any resolution, ~5000kb 

Description: A lot of desktop calendars with photos of different European countries.
For Talisman 3.0+
- 12 wallpapers by http://www.brodyaga.com
- 5 color themes
- Calendar
- Calculator
- Music Player
- Wallpaper changer
- Semitransparent mode



7C Sidebar panel

Download, 1024x768 and higher, Filesize 1600kb   

Description: For Talisman 3.0+.
Convenient navigation and nice interface.  Calendar, media player and other options.



W2006 Desktop Panel

Download, 1024x768 and higher, Filesize 380kb   

Description: Desktop Panel version of "Winter 2006" theme for Talisman 2.95. Added some useful functions for DP using. Saved all features of the "big" version.

- 9 program groups for your apps
- 3 types of Start Menu: Classic/XP 2-columns/Large Panel
- Settings panel
- Desktop Games panel
- Wallpaper changer
- Mediaplayer
- Internet Search panel (Google, Yahoo, MSN search + pictures search)
- Adjustable digital clock
- Calendar



DP260 Blue

Download, 1024x768 and higher, Filesize 450kb   

Description: Covers right side of a desktop. Adds: MediaPlayer controls, Sound Volume control, Analog Clock, Calendar, Find and Recycle buttons, Run Box with list of recent commands, List of Recent Apps, List of desktop items, Custom shortcuts List, Wallpaper controls (Next/Previous/Change/Center/Tile/Stretch wallpaper), Add/Remove software buttons and other features. Includes "Austrian" wallpaper.



New themes for Talisman

New themes for Talisman







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