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       Alteros 3D  3.0


Default skin. Image viewing. Click to Zoom!

Black skin. 3D viewing. Click to Zoom! Default skin. Additional folder menu example. Click to Zoom! Default skin. Fullscreen mode. Click to Zoom! Default skin. Top level and Default ADESK interface. Click to Zoom!

Alteros3D is a 3D/2D graphic viewer and mediaplayer with customizable interface. The program allows viewing any 3D files (3DS, VRML, TrueSpace, LightWave and many other formats), as well as 2D graphical files (PSD, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF and many others). Built-in text editor allows to view and edit TXT or RTF files.

Alteros3D can display HTML files and other documents via OLE interface (requires installed Internet Explorer).

Built-in mediaplayer plays DVD-video disks, Video and Audio files.

Program interface can be easily changed by skins. Besides, Alteros3D has the own desktop format - ADESK. Using ADESK files you can create graphical interfaces with different commands and links. ADESK files can be used as Alteros3D start up interface, as well as user's CDROM interface, if Alteros3D is used as Autorun shell for CD.

Alteros3D allows to open any number of documents simultaneously. Convenient task manager, designed in Windows Taskbar style, is used to switch between opened documents.



Program FACTS:

Version:   3.0 (build 3000)

Filesize:   2900 kb   Free Download   ( Other Links )

License:   15-days Trial

OS:   Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/ Vista/7/8/10

Price:   29.95$ US    Buy!  



System requirements:

- Pentium-300 or better;
- 64Mb RAM  or higher;
- video card with High Color (16bit) or True Color (24bit) mode;
- Windows9x/ME, Windows NT/2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.
- DirectX 9 or higher for Video, Audio, DVD-video playback functions.

What is new in version 3.0:

1. Added "Show Folder menu" function in filebrowser.

2. Added "Show Preview panel" function for taskbar items. Alteros displays "Preview panel" by right-click or by holding mouse cursor over taskbar item during 
3 sec.

3. Added "Show Hidden files" option in filebrowser.

4. Changed "Thumbnails database" procedures. Default thumbnail size increased to 180x180 pixels.

5. Fixed bugs in "save database" and "Sort" functions for big directories.

6. Added "Autohide Flypanel" option in fullscreen mode.

7. Fixed bug in "open associated file" procedure. Now the program opens all associated files by click in Windows explorer.

8. Added "automatically change browser directory" function when open a new file in Alteros.

9. Removed "Control Panel" and "Favorite Folders" modes of filebrowser.

10. Added "Recent Folders" mode to filebrowser.

11. Added TBTN file support in Alteros skins and ADESK files. TBTN is an alpha-blended button format of "Talisman Desktop" software 
(http://www.lighttek.com/talisman.htm). You can make TBTN files in Talisman Desktop and use such files in Alteros3D skins and ADESK files.

12. Added "Next/Previous file" functions by mouse wheel scrolling in all modes.

13. Added support of relative filepathes. This function may be useful when you start Alteros from Flash or CD/DVD drives on clients computers. 

14. Added "Drag files from Alteros into other programs" function.

15. Other changes, corrections and bug fixes.

Program features:

- Recognizes and opens the following 3D file formats: 3dmf, 3ds, asc, ase, cob, dwg (dwg2000 is not supported), dxb, dxf, geo, iv, lvs, lw, lwo, md2, md3, mdl, mts, ndo, obj, objf, off, peo, prj, pro, rax, scn, spx, stl, tim, wrl, x.

- Thumbnails preview of 3D files.

- Copying of 3D image rendering result into the clipboard.

- Rotation and scaling of 3D objects. Alterations of lighting, transparency, material type and display mode of 3D objects, as well as many other settings for 3D scenes.

- Displays 2D graphic formats: bmp, btn3, tbtn, dib, emf, gif, ico, icl, jpe, jpeg, jpg, pcx, rle, tga, wmf, psd, tiff, png, ppm, cel, iff, rgb, fli/flc (only first frame), pic, tim.

- Thumbnails preview of 2D files.

- Saving files in BMP and JPEG formats.

- "Zoom in" and "zoom out" modes, screen floating (using only a mouse, without keyboard). 

- Setting any image as Desktop Wallpaper.

- Copy/Paste functions.

- Slideshow mode.

- Graphical effects (Flip, Invert, RGB-transitions, Hue-Saturation-Lightness,Brightness-Contrast, Mirrors).

- Resize function for graphical files.

- Crop function for graphical files.

- Integration with Brodyaga.com photosite.

- DVD-disks, Video (AVI, MOV) and Audio (MP3, WMA, MIDI, WAV) files playback. This function requires DirectX 9 or higher installed on computer.

- Display and edit text files: txt, rtf. All unrecognised types of files are opened with text editor. 

- Browser for viewing HTML files (requires installed Internet Explorer). The browser allows viewing any OLE-documents (for example: MS Word, MS Excel files) .  This option requires relevant programs to be installed at PC.

- File manager allows opening, sorting files and supports all major file operations (delete, rename, copy, move).

- Multilanguage interface. Supported languages: 

Chinese (simplified)
Chinese (traditional)
Portuguese (Brazilian), 

- Command input box allows to enter filenames, directory, http:// address or any internal command.

- Alteros 3D Skin format allows to change the view of any element of Alteros window or add new custom buttons to any toolbar of the program. 

- ADESK file format allows creating of custom desktop panels in Alteros window. Users can create panels of any size, add graphical or text buttons, as well as any amount of decorative images. The program offers a lot of internal commands, that can be assigned to any interface button.

- Autostart option allows to set any file (including ADESK) as automatically launched file when the program starts up.

Update to Alteros3D 3.xx is free for all registered users of Alteros3D 1.xx, 2.xx.


New skins for Alteros

New skins for Alteros

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