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Submit your ideas and wishes about Talisman themes here. We will place your wishes on this page after review. Detailed descriptions are welcomed! 

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i want a theme that make my desktop look like a military ultra secret world digital map screen with a digital clock and date display and make yhe icons appears like iron or something. osobobo274@yahoo.com

I really liked the aliens theme but now I would like to see a predator theme or even an aliens vs predator theme. Would you be able to help?

I want a theme that optimizes my workspace the most. When panels are maximized they go over the bottom task bar for a full screen experience. Also a clean desktop, only the taskbar is viewable but there is a desktop controller that comes down from the top when you roll over it with the mouse. Roll over panels as well, for whatever you want, on the left and right, for symmetry.

The theme that i mostly desire is a theme about Maplestory Nexon.net or maplestory.com Mapleglobal.com can also be used to find pictures on this Game the coolest thing in the world is to have the bottom part of the UI as a start menu and the mouse to be the games bouse sounds dont need to be neccesary but it would mostly be apretiated! thank you in advanve

simple black with shadows. but only not with candy effects. and not solid like win98. a. Yes, slim too

I would Like a Shadow The Hedgehog Theme for my PC with Desktop pictures, Icons, Cursors and Screensavers Gamplay footage on Screensaver, Sounds for diffrent actions eg: Open Window, Close Window, Minimise Window, Recycle Bin(Deleate/Purge), Windows Logon, Windows Logoff, Windows Shutdown, Windows Startup. Some really cool Glossy Gell colors for Menu Bar, Task Bar. Colors should be Black mixed with red and Blue and a Neon glow. I really really want a Desktop like this one I\'ve discribed out.
Once it\'s Finnished contact me by e-mail on Snake_101_cqc@hotmail.co.uk
I\'ll also come by to have a look. I almost forgot somthing > Make it able to fit 800x600 and resolution 16 to 32 Bit. thank you.

I\'ve been searching for ages to find a desktop / shell switcher, that would support dual monitoring. I didn\'t find anything about this in the readmes of talisman, so I\'d like to know if its possible to do this?

I am also looking for someone who is able and willing to craft customized desktop for dualmonitor enviroment, I know its a challenging tasks for any CG editor. Current desktop works in 2x 1280x1024, so its alltogether 2560x1024.

I\'ve got massive collection of data to trade this service for, even suitable amount of money could exchange owners if someone is up to deliver custom made desktop theme (with talisman, or other shellswitching tool).

If you\'re interested to talk more about this, please contact me in my MSN badomena@hotmai.com any time. Any answer to the ability of talisman to work in dual monitor enviroment would be appriciated aswell. Thankyou.

i would like to have a theme which could be used in a primary school: Everything would be locked-up except the few programs children work with.

i want a cool theme suiting the x\'mas night. all snows and santa on reindeers.... i really love talisman..

I want a theme from the original Miami Vice from the 80s i love the show and i don\'t know how many people like Miami Vice but i love it. i would also like icons from Miam Vice not the new one but the old one mostly between crokett, tubbs, zito and the hot cars they have there

Hey A FullMetal Alchemist Conqueror of shambala Theme with wallpapers sounds Cursors Icons and maybe two diferent themes for this one please!!! the philsophers stone should be The icon for local disk.

It needs to be same colro scheme as: http://www.deviantart.com/view/22490422/
I would like one with my current desktop with:
http://www.deviantart.com/view/31657268/ That start Button.
http://www.deviantart.com/view/31657268/ That clock in that place with a clock below for New York.
The Programs Default Start Menu and an option to change to own  my own default start menu.
Same clock as: http://ic1.deviantart.com/fs10/i/2006/101/e/d/Web_Vista_by_pahan2.jpg
And a Cool Windows Media Player Toolbar located in the gap on the right hand side.
If someone makes me this i will be over the moon, i will even think of donateing to this site after buying this program :D

As my hobbie is pro skating, Would you PLEASE make a desktop theme on it, like a skater clearing the deathbox or something... Thanks...

I think there should be a Kiss Theme. You know the band with all the makeup? There are so many people apart of the kiss army, it would awesome to take things to another level. Basically, if  there was a tool bar at the top kind of like the mac os, but the different selections ba an icon of face paint. You know like the Demon, Starchild, The cat, or Spaceman? Also there should be a wicked awesome background as well. Something like a concert photo or somthing. Good wallpapers are on www.kissonline.com.

Other than that. There should be no task bar but there should be some sort of dock. When loading the theme up it should play rock and roll all night. Other than that. When clicking on a start feature it should have a fireworks effect that would be awesome. when clicking on an icon in the dock it should have some fire features. If this could be created it would be awesome. The colors that should be used are black, shades of red, and blue or green, any colors that would look ROCKIN!
This theme should make Kiss fans proud to be apart of the Kiss army.

Thanks for a great piece of software!!What I would like to see is more holiday(Xmas,Easter,St.Patty\'s, Valentines,4th of July) themes created!They are good to change to when an event comes up.Again, thank you for Talisman 2.98

Hi............Can I have please a Linux/Unix theme not very formal just something normal, icons, wallpapers and if it\'s possible another Apple Theme............thanks and you havera  really good page with the most selected themes......YOUR THE NUMBER ONE !!!!!! =)

I\'d like everything Inuyasha on my computer. when I I like it . like the files have inuyasha the theme of the computer to be Inuyasha and the cursor to be Inuyasha. When I mean everything I mean everything

I am Brazilian and would like the team talismam can make some subject of our Brazilian election with is icon sets of the main teamses of Brazil I hug to all by: zanella

I\'ve used Talisman for years.  I wish we could bring back the theme Night City.  That was my all time favorite!

Do you have one desktop theme with the playboy girls or a very very hot girl in a pretty little thong pleas if you can find it or develop it please

Ich wьrde mich ьber ein adidas-football-Theme sehr freuen. [ www.adidas.com/campaigns/verticalsfootball/content/holder.asp?strCountry_adidascom=de ]. Ich hab mir das eig. seh einfach vorgestellt ohne viel \"Schnick Schnack\".

The one true desktop theme i would like in the whole universe would shadow the hedgehog with sounds,icons,wallpaper and a screensaver.
Yours faithfully Nicholas Kim Williams.

Can I please have a Dynasty warriors 5, Naruto, and Full Metal Alchemist. They should all go in Anime (if you choose to). Dynasty warriors: Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao as main theme please!!! Naruto: Naruto and Sasuke as main theme!! Thank-you very much!!!

to be quick and dirty: i simply want a ready-to-use theme which has got everything in it that has been there yet in any other theme, so i can take that theme and switch a certain part on/off and customize it for color/shape/graphics and have menus/bars/etc where i can add some items to.. without having to write/script/dabble/tinker my own complex theme or constantly switch between themes to have this or that advantage a certain skin might have.
that\'s it.

to be honest at this point, i\'ve to add that i\'ve been using/trying talisman only for 2 days yet, so i don\'t have a clue about what it might be like to construct such a complex theme - but i\'m sure someone will find out, as noone works a whole life of a windows installation with some single skin, right ? you change it now and then, so why not build it up as customizable as possible from the beginning on.. as in an easier edit-mode (or at least in an editor-mode at all), so i could say \"hey, i hate that clock down there, i want it replaced by <fzawk> or i want it moved to the other side of the screen\" and i\'d simply enter the edit-mode where i could change whatever(!) i would want to change in the actual theme, so i could drag&drop that damn clock to the bumpers or create 10 new taskbars with filter for certain programs.. or just change the hue of some parts so it\'s not everything grey or green or whatever.

it has to userfriendly! that means it to be flexible, customizable, advantaging and of course it has to be easier integratable into/with other programs (so that i dont have 10 clocks ticking or 10 options called \"Recent Folders\" from different programs, all because i couldn\'t switch it off in any of them).


I would like a new anime theme about \"3*3eyes\" (\"3*3eyes\"is one of the best manga ever published in Japan and its anime were also created).Thank you so much in advanced.

Hi there .... I\'m searching for an mediavel Talisman Theme (Res. 1240 min) ... not to phantasie like, more realistic mediavel with castel baclground an middel age tools/nights/ladys as icons.

just want to say i want lots of peoples making more and more themes :D, come on join making themes for Talisman (just like me, a new amateur themer)

I would like a theme based upon war and battle. Imagine a battle torn and ravaged 3d battle field set in medieval times.Except all the soldiers are skeletons fully detailed with ravaged clothe and tarnished with blood. And in the center amongst the dead soldiers and single one hung on a cross chistlike he hangs and in one hand is his weapon strugdown by strap and in the other his dog tags. His hands and feet bound with barbed or razor whire to sigfy modernism and hug above his head on the cross his helmet. And all the other common goodies with a good talisman theme. I was really just looking to see if there where any artist willing to give this one a try. Renenber 3d people and full screen too.

Thanks, hankhill362

WOW Talisman is very great!! I didnt even know that it was this easy. I have a simple request, and if it is not possible then that is straight...but i live in houston, tx and just got hit by a hurricane. I was wondering if someone could make like a \"Houston Rockets\" or a \"Houston Astros\" theme would be nice. Will be checking back to see if so. Please & Thank ya...kermi15721@aol.com

A Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists desktop theme, cascaded black interface, or something akin to there disturbed1.com site. This would be a theme that ten thousand fists would fly to the air for.

Steve Vai Theme or a Guitar Theme at least something musical not musical like 50 cent rubbish but real music, classic composers as well

simple, black but usable. arial black font in light gray. integrated analog clock and winamp controls, wallpaper changer, and a little screen that will randomly change the pictures in whatever folder I set up to it. that would be optimal.

xbox 360 !!!! white, silver, green with various interfaces to match the ui of the system. it could be great if done right.

I would like a Naruto theme (anime). But with the whole cast, not just Naruto. P.S. A search on this site would rock..

i would very much appreciate it if you could make a Luke Perry Desktop Theme, based on his on his character Dylan Mckay on Beverly Hills 90210, as i havn\'t found one.

Be really cool to have a Silent Hunter III theme based on the Submarine Simulation - Silent Hunter 3.  The fans at Subsim.com would go crazy if there was one.

I would lIke See Sun Sad and Ankor Wat in Cambodia and Great Royal Palace in the world My Mail: info_cusos@yahoo.com

I want an inuyasha theme with sounds and background also icons make it look like the computer inuyasha would use

I just bought a mazda rx-7 for my first car and i would like if u could make me a fantasy theme that has a tricked out Mazda in it so i can see wat my car could look like so it gives me ambition to supe it up... favorite car in the world

a theme like a navi from serial experiments lain, with lain icons, sounds and what not with access to desktop items as well because i\'ve had that problem with some themes. thanks :)

Hi! I want to ask you all for an \"Winnie the Pooh\" theme. Thanks!

I would really love it, and alot of people would , if there was a futuristic computer theme , like Minority Report, or The Island.

what a great program thank you :) I would please like a center of cats or kittens..... Nothing too big in center, because I have ixons around edges of desktop :) Thank you :)

that is built for a dual monitor set up. and incorporates 3d elements into the UI. It would also bee nice to provide extensive info on the system and have access and tools and common programs. a tabbed dock would be nice.

a theme based on the resident evil apocalypse movie would be he best ever. submenus open in the modern/advanced sort of way, you know like the dudes laptop when he was surveying the city. that would be the best ever! let me know if n e one is up for it. id like to see one of those, but i dont know how to make them.   walking_disaster_7@msn.com

a long time ago i saw a copland os enterprises theme with 3 backgrounds.  If it were to resurface a little revamped, i would be amazed, partially do to the fact that i can\'t find the original, and partially becuase it was one of the best i\'ve seen.
e-mail at : Tuxedo_kamen_San@msn.com if found


I want a theme consisting of indian culture

Can someone please make a more of a female theme? I\'m looking for butterflys and flowers in colors other than GREEN, more female themes, less naked women.  Thank you

Just easy no quiet abstract not to one-stylish otherwise you jhave these one-day-things. White must be the central colour.

i want a theme with the desktops icons appeared, and with a desktop of the nottingham forest theme pls. i would appreciate very much if you respond me at matthew_farrugia_26@hotmail.com

Im dying to have a fashionista/cosmopolitan theme that suits my personality. dark with bursts of color. \")

A shadow the hedgehog theme with icons,light,sound and motion efects using mainly black and red colors(don╢t forget media player skin).It would be great if it displayed cpu usage,temperature and ram usage.please warn me when its avalyable. PedroOliveira_mp3@hotmail.com

a desktop theme of the anime - angel sanctuary - featuring only the main character (setsuna) with desktop icons and screensaver. thanks!

it would be really cool if you made a desktop theme of gesomaden saiyuki (anime), preferably genjo sanzo only, Id really appreciate it!

I want a theme that is useful. Create a sticky note thing that will stick to the desktop to help me remember my todays to do list. Also it\\\'ll be nice if you can create a journal or a diary thing that people, can use to reflect on their day. You don\\\'t need a database, just save it to a folder.

I am heavily involved in music production and Dj entertainment..I am looking for something DJ Related to put on my studio and live performance PC\'s...would love to promote artits work....

I have been searching for a Pagan/Wiccan theme forever! I\'d like to see one that had sleek elegant look. Something simple with clean lines and must have a pentacle somewhere! Perhaps someone here can work on one, until then I shall contue the search.

I work for a newspaper publisher in Spain and I would like to have magazines and newspapers on my desktop...all issues related to printed press, magazinez and books, mbeascoa@credimatica.com

To anyone who has seen the anime Dot Hack, I would like a replica theme of the computer used in the main characters bedroom.

Something very punky and emo - kind of like the CD cover for some punk band like \"brand new\" or \"taking back sunday\" or \"cursive\". I haven\'t seen much music themes on this yet, and i think it\'d be really cool if someone made one of those.

i want a flash theme that has a background image that moves like clouds that move and blue flash buttons

Ineed a temes with famouse football players like Ronaldo, Ronaldinio, Figo Zelatan Ibrahimovic and so on i think if you can do that, that will be much pupolar and many people get intrested about Talisman!

hi im from mexico and y dont kwon if you have a the bealtes theme or john lennon theme, please agree its very important for the people

I want a theme : i would really love to see some themes built specifically for duel moniter systems. i\'m going to see if i can figure out how to make one, but i don\'t know much about this soooo.... anyways if you know where i can find one email me at valtonray@hotmail.com and if i finish one that works i\'ll post it.

a legend of zelda the wind waker theme with a screensaver desktop mouse and icons


it would be a pleasure for me to see a Theme for Steel Industry, I know it is a kind of challenge to you but I hope you can make it, I just wont yo impress my co workers here

Im searching for a Theme of the Ford PUMA and BLADE movie 1,2,3!!! Gimme some stuff please!!!

i want a wacky cartoon theme with invader zim and mickey mouse  or pico from newgrounds.

I want a Dragonball Z or Dragonball GT theme. I think that would be great

i was wondering if u could make a saiyuki desktop theme of just Genjo Sanzo then maybe another one with Gojyo, Sanzo, Goku and Hakkai.  it would be awsome and i would appreciate it. thanx

I really want a Card Captor Sakura (anime) theme. Preferrably with pink as the main color (even though I\'m a guy).

Hello I am kinda new here but already sucked into TALISMAN 2 world :-D
I have an idea for a theme :-) MIAMI VICE theme, what do you think ? It would be more than cool to have Crockett and Tubs on desktop, use advanced features of TALISMAN 2 and feel the MIAMI VICE mood.

1.)i╢m searching for a theme with insects, - here or on many other pages are a lot of cursors with insects, but I haven╢t seen a  real cool theme with this kind of thing.
please contact imhotep5@arcor.de
2.) It╢ll be great if there╢s a theme only with SLIPKNOT stuff -

How about something made from wire mesh that rotates? Maybe a futuristic jet fighter???

Ineed a temes with famouse football players like Ronaldo, Ronaldinio, Figo Zelatan Ibrahimovic and so on i think if you can do that, that will be much pupolar and many people get intrested about Talisman!

i need a theme that contain a form can put .gif , .jpg. .fla etc graphic file for advertisment purposes. people can use the computer as usual while can see those graphic file

need some cars themes with crazzy looks such as theme on caddilac escalade truck i think everyone knows this model

Star Wars: A new hope-empire possibly even return of the jedi set sort of like controls, etc.

i want a flash theme that has a background image that moves like clouds that move and blue flash buttons.

i want a theme that is useful. Create a sticky note thing that will stick to the desktop to help me remember my todays to do list. Also it\'ll be nice if you can create a journal or a diary thing that people, can use to reflect on their day. You don\'t need a database, just save it to a folder.
email me if you create it ONLY!

how about a real media center theme that will be closer to the original?
How about hi-tech themes that will use only interactive menus and no icons on the desktop?

First of all, i would like to say to all of you guys that you ae doing a great job. All of the themes are really great. However i would really like to see an exact copy of windows media center edition. i have noticed the new version but it still needs some new imporevements such as motion and interactive menus like the original. I would also like to see more hi-tech themes such as \"visitor\" or a new version of matrix. Keep up the good work

Maybe a spliner cell theme.
with a big nsa/cia sign in the middle, most is green/black, and a sam fisher with pistol...

I want to have a Longhorn M9 theme. Its look is very beautiful. I will be grateful if you can send a link to me at this address.       heart_heaker7862000@yahoo.com

I need a \" Arcade Maschine \" Theme (like PAC - Man , Defender , Galaga, Galaxians Phoenix ...)perhaps with good old Wurlitzer Skin and a Pinball Area ...

it would be a pleasure for me to see more themes in different languages or some multilanguage themes with the option in what language the theme should appear on the screen.

- How about a theme for all the Formula 1 fans out there?

- i\'d like a valkyrie profile theme, the most beautiful goddess and a game...what a game!!!

- Wrestling Theme About John Cena, The Rock, Stonecold Steve Austin or Goldberg would be nice.

- In World of Warcraft I like the Nightelves! thx :) I want a \"World of Warcraft\" theme if you could please, i love this game, if you could please find time to make me one

- i want an yngwie malmsteen theme, i know that\'s no too popular but it is what i want, if this is too much to ask a guitar player theme will be enough, i hope you consider my idea, thanks

- Id like to habe an half-life 2 theme. Do what ever you want to do, but it has to look good ;)

- Im searching for a Theme of the Ford PUMA!!! Gimme some stuff please!!!

I\'ve been look all over the ethernet and couldn\'t find a theme on the following items:

-Super Gals <anime>
-Excel Saga <anime>

I\'d appreciate if someone could create them!

I want a Fast and the Furious theme if you could please, i love all the cars in there, if you could please find time to make me one

Hi, i am looking for a theme for some dumb terminals like just a few icons, no access to settings, preferably no menu at all, but ofcourse there should be some protected way to access the menu. Something like the default \"Media Center\" theme, but no access to anything else other than the icons available on the desktop, i don\'t know if i was able to explain what i want, but hope somebody understands and comes up with a them

I would like to have a New age Werewolf theme... a big mean looking wolf like the ones in Underworld

Keep it up I love the themes. Though I\'m looking for a Star Wars theme. Star Wars Episode II (Attack Of The Clones) would be the bomb! There are many in this region looking out for it.

i have some ideas :-)
-Already mentiond a Distillers theme would be great
-A Nightmare before christmas theme
-Maybe some Urban ledgand themes would be kool, like black aggie or bloody mary

i think music (band) themes would be nice, im interested in rock and metal and also stuff like lacuna coil, nirvana, marilyn manson ect..

WOW Talisman is very great!!
I wish there would a Xenogears or chrono cross theme for it.
Specially chrono cross, whitch has great stuff to make a great theme

Hello Lighttek! I have scoured and searched the internet for a half-way decent \'Buffy the Vampire Slayer\' XP theme to no avail, no-one makes them good enough and I like my themes to be stunning. (I\'m a huge fan of the TV show) Please could you help me or at least point me in the right direction as to how to make it myself? Any imput would be most appreciated, Thank you so much. Kind Regards, Morganna. morganna_303_Blaze@yahoo.com

I really want a 3d artist theme like for 3ds max 6 photoshop cs.

I would like a spine chilling ummm a really Gothic Theme something on the terms of Dracula or a Vampire !! that would be absolutely fantastic

No1 asked for a cool Star Wars Theme...i think it would be a great look to have all the icons to remember R2, Luke, Obi-Wan and all the other charachters !!! Listening to the great SW music !!!

i like to have a brutal theme for my computer , it feel good when you start your computer and a hard-hitting music welcome you ...how great that could be !

i\'d love a theme on Durham Red Witchblade or Tombraider I\'m new to this so it\'s gonna take time anyone out there who can help/ like to help ;)
sharkieboy zoozoo42@hotmail.com

please i will love you to create (add) themes of CARTOONS, i\'m not the only person that want it, there have been popular for time!!! snoopy.. garfield... and much more!! so please please please add more cartoons. Im a fan of this webpage and i will be so pleased if you hear me.

I would like a real longhorn theme, as lonhorn is to dodgy to work with. You know like the themes you all ready got but the sart menu is like the apolo visual styles about. Thanks

I want a futuristic interface like in the movies and games transparent lights up with mouse activates multiple windows that can be expanded on desktop, tabs that fan out with choices like a desktop tree kindof and this all works with all wallpaper

i classic nintendo theme. like the back ground be the old controller with the a and b buttons and then they icons could be icons off of games or just like charecters. it would be really awsome to have one like that and  know some ofhter people that want one the same so if u could please make one. if it gets made can someone email me at michael_allstar11@hotmail.com thank you alot

futuristic computer interface like I Robot(goto the movie web site look at the features where the tabs fanout to sub menues and windows) cool huh
 or in the movies like a sheet of glass lights up with different modes to bring sub menue like matrix base this will be the future  mimic this today it will be hot you know viewers without borders multiple windows all that stuff related in a glass transparent light up interface changeable wall paper thanks this a challenge but success will be sweet

I want a theme from the front instrument panel of a F/18-A Hornet (military aircraft of air combat)

I want a theme of the new film by Q. Tarantino Kill Bill with scenes from the film on desktop changing automatically, cool sounds and the right colours in the menu.On the right side of the screen i want media player controls,access to system folder,my pictures,my music,documents,control panel,calculator.
if you want to know more email me at simonblust@tiscali.it
PS:size:800 x 600

I want a Fast and the Furious theme if you could please, i love all the cars in there, if you could please find time to make me one

I want a theme of a gundam, although i dont like pictures of the people,and alot of very colorful robot pictures dont look right. i want to sort of get the feel has if im inside of a gundam or a robot of some sort. If you anyone can make this or would like to know more about it email me at redonemeth@yahoo.com

It would be great to have some cool motorbike themes after all you have loads of car themes

A theme about the game metal gear solid, but not just a wallpaper, i mean something like tmixing the hud from the codex chat with icons from the game like the weapons choice in 1024 x 768 resolution.

We want ORACLE DATABASE theme. (www.oracle.com)
It will be present for all Oracle Database administrators
over the world. 8)

i like to have a brutal theme for my computer , it feel good when you start your computer and a hard-hitting music welcome you ...how great that could be !

Hi, I╢m looking for a \"Perry Rhodan\" Spaceship Theme.
More Infos about Perry Rhodan you can find at

How about doing themes about islands of the Caribbean like from Trinidad & Tobago: Has it\'s World famous Carnival Festival along with it\'s Soca & Steelband music, Jamaica has it Reggae music; Barbados & Hait are other caribbean islands all of which have beautiful beaches, You can utilize their Flags or beaches, their culture anything along those lines

i would like to have a theme about bsaeball any american leauge teams in the east divison.

I want a theme about elves-they are so poetic!!!An elven forest by moonlight would be a great theme!!!

Hi, im looking for a theme that emule the \"final fantasy movie the spirit whitin\" computer interfases, whit the grafics, like olograms, this efect is giving by the color of the windows, whit transparents screens and stuf like that

After watching all 3 of the Harry Potter films. It would be great to have a theme that was as wimzical as the first HP movie! Something that has a Made for the movie look and feel!

If you have any questions email me @ pontiac1978@hotmail.com

would like to see more music themes, i have been watching out all of the themes and i am impressed of your work, but as i say, more music...such as The smashing pumpkins,AFI,Linkin park or such as they, thanx. from stanley, norway

StarTrek▓s LCARS GUI concept is interesting but none of the LCARS themes work well. The sound effects get old very rapidly, the animations slow down functionality, and in general they▓re poorly designed. I▓m trying to think of ways to use LCARS in a Talisman Theme but I▓m not having much luck. For me is not about StarTrek but the GUI design concept, it doesn▓t really work with windows but there should be some way to build a functional hybrid that will run on Talisman. Might need a few new plug-ins though. No offense to the authors of those various LCARS themes.

On another note, I think an elemental theme pack would be cool. Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. With some animation for each one that could look pretty cool. You could also just put it all into one theme and have a on screen object that could let the users switch back and forth or set up a schedule or some such. This idea came from my searching for a good fire theme but I couldn▓t find one.

Who have this menu?http://gdesklets.gnomedesktop.org/shot/psi-small-0.1.png
and this Theme  http://gdesklets.gnomedesktop.org/shot/psi-small-0.1.png
Iw want it,thankyou  my E-Mail:csnh_04@163.com

Where would one find a person that could create a custom desktop that made everything touchscreen (big) enabled, and had functionality in such a way that it is easy to use with a touchscreen. 
Justin Rumpf

Simply \'Political\' having taken part in EU elections (living in the UK) the turnout was not good, as predicted. More stimulation needs to be injected into politics. I would like icons to represent the past cut and thrust of politics, latching on to UK history in all sections of society.

Also looking from the past to the future, i.e. EU expansion and membership. Looking at current politicians, faces and big ben, \'the budget\' tatty red brifcase etc... possibly seperate sets for UK politics and US, Asian, Eastern EU...



For Business. Like having my Office on computer. With book shelves that I can edit books (Files)...and a empty picture frame for my business logo or of me on the wall that I can edit. Basicaly, I want a \"Virtual Office\"
Ryan Evans
(I do have more good ideas so if you are needing extra help, I would be Interested)

I would like to see a side panel to go with Longhorn Jade, or, even, a Longhorn Jade theme, either would be good, anyone out there willing to give it a go, I just like the gentleness of the colour. Jim

i would like someone to come up with a halo theme.... no not like angels, like the xbox game. with like a cool shot of the master cheif on some planet or somthin as the background... you know, just somthing cool. thanks

I would appriciate if someone would make UplinkOS theme.http://www.uplink.co.uk. some time ago, i was found it, but now, i can\'t find where it is.

I want a theme of Saint Seiya Anime, i dont see nothing about anime really interesting but i love this program :)

As a member of the Danish Lupo 3L car club. I would love to see a Lupo 3L car theme :-)

I go by the name Rygar. I\'m looking for a good theme something with a lot of GUNDAM WING that is my favorite anime, but not just the picture of this on a theme. i want icons of the battle suits, 3D wallpapers, a clock with Heero\'s Gundam(Wing-Zero)try this it\'s wings could be the small and big hand. If you can make this for me i will be so grateful for your help and i shall pass this site to others so they can be surprised on the work you artists do around here when it is finished if someone makes it please contact me my email is Rygar13@msn.com

I want a Tottenham Hotspurs theme,could ya make it look futureist cheers. if ya make it please email me at mc_neutrinovsmc_harvey@hotmail.com

Something more rounded.  With like a radial menu system thing goin.  Is that even possible?

hello! along time ago there was a theme called Greymatter *drools* this theme OWNZ!!! but i would like to see it updated for 2.7 >.< and maybe perhaps add in something that shows when you get a message from a user on a messenger ~_^ that would be so splendedly helpful!! thanx hope to see something soon =D

I would appriciate if someone would make smooth audio hardware ( synths, samplers,.., digital audio hardware,..ect) and/or proffesional audio theme, but I would like the most to have great wierd futuristic theme with digital clock like on linux, I have searched for something like that, but never managed to find anything like that.
EOW (WAYG-2) from Uktus and Aist the best theme I found so far and there should be more themes like this one..Keep up the good work guys, I admire your work and thnx for shareing it with us all ;)  *thumbs up*

I would like to see a bright spring, sunshine theme.  Something that captures all of the vibrance and life of spring.  I like the themes that are on the site but many of them have to many pictures that detract from the basic look of a desktop

I would like to see a really nice LCARS theme.  The one listed here is alright but just doesnt quite capture the whole LCARS feel.

Hi Guys, probably someone already had this suggestion. It would be gret to see a nastolgical communists theme of sowjet union. Thanks. amaierm@web.de

what about a tech theme? something like that computer from minority report. but without the logo of course. something that couls make my pc look like a big important and secret PC  lol

i would like to see more music themes, i have been watching out all of the themes and i am impressed of your work, but as i say, more music...such as The smashing pumpkins,AFI,Linkin park or such as they, thanx. from stanley, norway

id like to see a linkin park theme. one that (if the person has the mp3\'s) can play linkin park as a background track. some animations, desktop internet explorer integrated into the wallpaper, semi-animated icons. if i think of more on this theme\'s idea, ill post

the complete AMIGA feeling... a shared menu bar, no start, etc... even there could be a RAM disk aplet... where you could use free RAM space as you do on a Hard Drive... and lots more... Amiga.

if there really matrix fans? could someone make

Hi i'm from Germany, so .....the short version. I Want a X2-The Threat Theme plz!!!!!!!!!!

I have only seen one or two themes for children.  I have two young kids that love the computer, and I would love to be able to put Talisman on their computers to make them easier to use.  More themes for young children would be awesome - Disney, Nick Jr., Clifford, and the like!

Hi there !
im not a nice designer, so ist request a theme here.

1. feeling should be fast
2. a transparency run menu look like win9x standard
   with zoomer 16/32 icons insite
3. design a quiklaunch startbar vertical on the left site form
   the desktop with zoomer 48/64 Icons
4. use crystal icon set.  ( aren \'t these cool  ?)
5. make objects that show system propertys like
   eth0 utilisation, cpu load, running proccesses,
   maybe like http://gdesklets.gnomedesktop.org/shot/psi-small-0.1.png
6. the taskbar should be show runing apps with icon like original windows
   dont forget to add a system tray , the most themes i saw dont show
   a systemtray. ( maybe with zoomer icons inside )
7. my favorit color is blue but many ppl like silver from
   WinXP. so the theme color should be swichable. maybe edit a object like
   \'MMD3 theme color changer\' from winamp
8. a virtual desktop switcher ( min 2 desktops) would be nice here.
   like linux gnome or kde, with a little preview mode
9. try to keep most standart funktions from windoze
   like right mouse click open contex menu. and alow links
   on the desktop. so people dont have to learn a new use & feel

ok that are my wiches for a nice theme.

if some1 out there is able to design something like this
it would be nice.

greetz  Red-Oakley-Cap@gmx.net

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