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Hotel Normandia Interface (Demo version)

Download, Any resolution, Filesize 40kb   

Author : Lighttek Software 

Description: This theme is an example of a protected interface for a hotel. It is a simplified demo-version of the real interface.

The theme has two modes: 

- "Protected" (users can't modify any object, can't open startmenu and etc. They can only start the programs (games) allowed by Administrator and start/shutdown computer) 

- "Administrator mode" protected by password. (Administrator can edit any element of theme, access to explorer and other programs)



Full View

6 screens

Download, Any resolution, Filesize 60kb   

Author : Lighttek Software 

Description: Example of a simple theme for corporative or kiosk interfaces.
Main screen with links to 6 additional screens for your applications.
Administrator button in the top-right corner of the main screen.
Administrator can add or edit any button on all screens.
User can not change anything.

If you do not need taskbar/clock:
- delete the string "showform form3" in "desktop0.autostart" field
- uncheck "Show Clock" checkbox of "aclock_0" object
- uncheck "Show Taskbar" checkbox of "Talisman Taskbar" object
- reload the theme



New themes for Talisman

New themes for Talisman




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